If parties don’t politicise misery, the people will

M.J. Akbar in his weekly column in Khaleej Times, Dubai:

“The Left, [the raft on which the UPA government has been sailing for four years] which is still anxious to save the Manmohan Singh government from self-inflicted wounds wanted to hear prescriptions [about the inflation turmoil]. Instead it got a sniffy sermon based on the extraordinary assertion that “political parties should not politicise the misery of the people”.

“I find this quite incomprehensible. If political parties do not politicise the misery, what should they politicise? What are they in politics for? To celebrate Diwali every week? Heaven knows, enough politicians do that already.

“But at least the Prime Minister’s formulation recognises that the people are indeed miserable. And when they are miserable it is hardly surprising that they tend to vote against those who have made them miserable.

“Here is a fact of life that Prime Minister Singh and Mrs Sonia Gandhi, his mentor, may want to remember: it is the people who politicise misery when they convert their anger into a vote.”

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