Humility isn’t sexy when arrogance is the in-thing

Harsha Bhogle, writing on l’affaire Harbhajan Singh in The Indian Express, says the “disease of arrogance” is well and truly upon us:

“A lot of our cricketers start early in life and since university education is considered unnecessary, and inter-university cricket is long dead, they step into a bubble very early. They are indoctrinated into a brotherhood where cricketers are considered hallowed, where favours are meant to be received as a matter of right and the arrogance that is the inevitable result closes the door to further education.

“As a result most of our young cricketers, so good at putting bat to ball, know very little else and indeed are woefully unprepared for a life beyond cricket. You would have thought that if there was only one thing they were good at, they would bow before it every morning, pay obeisance to it. But humility is not a very well understood word, I suspect it is not a very popular way of life either.”

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