‘Twenty20 : Cricket :: Page 3 : Journalism’

Rajdeep Sardesai on CNN-IBN:

“Twenty20 is to cricket what Page 3 is to journalism: fast, exciting, but also, often vacuous and titillating. Test cricket is a bit like the editorial page: serious, but at times, somnolent. If page three and page one can co-exist, why can’t 20-20 cricket live with the other forms of the game?

“Just as page three has been given its due space in journalism, shouldn’t the newest form of the sport be also given its moment in the cricketing sun? It should, but with a clear rider: Page 3 cricket must not be allowed to become page one sport.

“Page 3 was born out of this desire for change, much as Twenty20 cricket has emerged because of the pressures of a lifestyle that places a premium on time. A decade later, Page 3 has slowly but surely crept its way to page one: there is almost a breathless excitement with which we report on the world of glitz and glamour.”

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