Each one, take one: opinion polls to please all

With just four days to go for the first phase of polling in the 2008 Karnataka Elections, there is now a buffet of opinion polls, pre-poll surveys, internal surveys, to pick and choose from depending on your political taste:

CNN-INN-Deccan Herald: Congress 114, BJP 60, JDS 37

The Week: Congress 89-97, BJP 83-91, JDS 13-21, others 19-27.

DRS-INX News: BJP 130, Congress 65, JDS 30-45

BJP internal survey: BJP 119-129, Congress 60, JDS <20

Anglo-Indian Unity Centre: Congress 46 per cent, BJP 39 per cent, JDS 6 per cent

Kannada Prabha-Suvarna News (first phase): Congress 43-44, BJP 22, JDS 20

Photograph: Cricket gear, with bats, stumps, balls bearing the JDS symbol, seized at Sakkarepatna near Chikamagalur. (Karnataka Photo News)