From: B.S. Yediyurappa. To: industry captains.

As part of his charm offensive, the BJP’s chief ministerial candidate B.S. Yediyurappa has written a cliche-ridden, jargon-laden letter to industry CEOs in the State, including IT-BT captains, soliciting their support for the party in the coming assembly elections. As an epistle, it is an epitaph to circumlocution.

This is the full unexpurgated text:


At the outset, let me congratulate you the industrial pillars of the state for your achievement in putting Bangalore on the global industrial map. And that is not all. The chain of employment opportunities and wealth creation brought about by your entrepreneurial endeavours, and the economic and social implications of the same are food for thought for any statesman. It is the likes of you that a legislator has to look up to and partner with to formulate plans for the overall development of the state.

At this crucial juncture, I would like to bring to your notice a few proposals of mine, which also have now been christened ‘manifesto’, are in fact thought of to be incorporated in the budget eventually when, as is hoped, the BJP romps home to power.

Friends, our state is rich in natural and human resources. Our task is to harness these resources, put the state on the rapid development track, provide good quality of life to our people and take Karnataka to the top position in India. This is BJP’s vision. I have envisaged the plans to reach the fruits of IT to every village and internet/electronic media to permeate the nook and corner of the state.

Bangalore has the potential to become No. 1 City in India and an internationally prominent metropolis. To make this possible, we need to adopt a new urban planning model, upgrade our infrastructure, improve the social facilities and create a better environment for good quality of life. In other words, we must re-invent Bangalore. Bangalore is under pressure to retain its ‘Global City’ status. It is not enough to invite investors; the human resource talents must also be nurtured. Our intellectual capital is our strength.

In order to facilitate the industrialization, the formulation of land acquisition policy to ensure right price to farmers’ lands and transparent acquisition procedures is being thought of. Considering regional advantages in the state, I am very enthusiastic about the promotion of special industrial zones for steel, cement, food processing, IT & BT.

I have plans to rejuvenate small-scale industries. During our 20 months in government, the small industry’s subsidy dues have been fully disbursed.  I have thought of a masterplan of setting up an appropriate authority to provide good quality road connectivity throughout the state. I understand that government alone can not offer panacea for all practical problems hence I look forword to involving non-governmental organizations in monitoring implementation of government programmes.

You personally have been guided by your dreams; hope you share mine. I shall look forward to your whole-hearted cooperation in making these cherished dreams in to a reality. Your visionary spirit, corporate leadership and penchant for professionalism if colleagued with my passion for the development of Karnataka state would work wonders in the long run.

In this context, I would request you all to support BJP candidates across the state of Karnataka. Absolute majority to BJP – Total development of Karnataka.

With warm regards