Six reasons why God should ‘hang’ our assembly

One pre-poll survey predicts a Congress win, another predicts a BJP win, and yet another predicts it’s going to be 50-50…. Veerappa Moily says the Congress will bag 135 seats, Venkaiah Naidu says the BJP will get between 119 and 129 seats, H.D. Deve Gowda predicts the JDS will come to power on its own.

Therefore, a small prayer.

Dear God,

Long time no see.

Trust you are having fun.

You must be surprised to hear from me again. As you know, I was pretty pissed off when you returned my get-well-soon card after the 2005 tsunami with the inscription “Addressee Not Found”. I could be wrong, but I swear it was your handwriting on the envelope.

To err is divine. So here’s a chance to set your record in order.

Something quite akin to the tsunami is about to strike Karnataka, and wherever you are, God, please do something about it. I come to you because of the advertisement that hangs above the Vidhana Soudha: “Government Work is God’s Work.”

So, here goes: please, please, please let us have a hung Assembly….

Here are six reasons why a hung verdict is the best thing for all of us.

1) None of the parties have done anything to deserve our unreserved approval.

2) None of the parties have demonstrated our vote is safe with them.

3) None of the parties have the humility to respect a clear mandate.

4) We are all better off if the spoils are shared.

5) Stability is a middle-class myth.

6) And, opinion pollsters and media will have an escape route.

Of course, you are a free individual, God, and are free to do whatever you please. But it will be nice if you could remind the world that “Government Work is God’s Handiwork”.

Don’t go around cribbing that nobody warned you, if those who enter its portals turn out to be atheists.

postscript: Is all-seeing-you really backing the Royal Challengers in the IPL?

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