New poll predicts Congress sweep in Bangalore

A pre-poll survey of the 89 constituencies going to the elections on Saturday is predicting 42-45 seats for the Congress, 22-24 for the BJP, and 19-21 for the JDS, 0-1 for the BSP. In 2004, the JDS had bagged 34 seats, Congress 19, BJP 10 in the 9 districts, not counting Chikkaballapur and Ramanagara/m.

The Congress is expected to get a voteshare of 39 per cent, BJP 24 per cent, JDS 22 per cent.

In Bangalore, where the number of seats has shot up from 12 to 28, the poll predicts 17-18 for the Congress, 9-10 for the BJP, and 0-1 for the JDS, others are predicted to get 0-1. In 2004, when there were 12 seats, the Congress had 8, BJP 3 and JDS 1.

The survey has been conducted for the New Indian Express, Kannada Prabha and Suvarna News by the polling agency C-Fore. The sample size was 3,000 randomly chosen voters. The margin of error is +/- 3 per cent, according to pollster Premchand Palety.

# Asked which party coming to power was better for Karnataka, 42 per cent respondents said Congress, 29 per cent said BJP, and 24 per cent said JDS.

# Respondents said the most important issues facing them in the election was drinking water (25%), infrastructure (21%), price rise (18%), corruption (10%).

# 57 per cent said the BJP-JDS coalition was better than the Congress-JDS coalition (43 per cent). 53 per cent said the JDS was not right to pull the plug in its alliance with BJP, while 21 per cent agreed with the move.

# Asked if there was a need for a regional party in Karnataka as articulated by former chief minister H.D. Kumaraswamy, 66 per cent said no, 34 per cent said yes.

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