Good morning. Yet another opinion poll is here.

With a day left for the first leg of the electoral battle, the war of the opinion polls continues unabated, leaving unknown casualties in its wake, the full extent of which will only be revealed on May 25, by which time most editors and pollsters will be praying nobody cares or at least nobody will remember.

Today’s Vijaya Karnataka has published results from a poll conducted by Development and Research Services for the new television channel INX News, as per which of the 89 constituencies trooping to the booths tomorrow, the BJP will 40, Congress, 29, JDS 12 and others 8.

In Bangalore, the poll says BJP will bag 18 versus Congress 10.

The poll was conducted from April 28 to May 6, the sample size was 12,450. DRS has predicted an even better showing for the BJP than the BJP’s own internal survey. DRS says the BJP could end up with 130 seats overall, the BJP’s survey says it could be anywhere upwards of 119.

A poll of the first phase conducted for Kannada Prabha and Suvarna News by C-Fore, using a random sample of 3,000, had predicted exactly the opposite: 42-45 seats for the Congress, 22-24 for the BJP, and 19-21 for the JDS, 0-1 for the BSP.

In Bangalore, the C-Fore poll had predicted 17-18 for the Congress, 9-10 for the BJP, and 0-1 for the JDS.

Don’t like these findings? Take your pick: Each one, take one