One question I’m dying to ask… “Dr” Vijay Mallya

Few things are more moving in public life than a billionaire businessman wailing over some loose change that has trickled out of a hole in his hip pocket. And Vijay Mallya—booze baron, airline ace, racing raja, party pasha, stud farm stud, calendar czar, super showman, and yes, once Janata Party president—presents that amazing snapshot today.

The owner of the Bangalore team in the Indian Premier League (IPL), who spent over Rs 400 crore to procure the franchise, is blaming the team’s former CEO Charu Sharma and the team’s current captain Rahul Dravid for the plight of the Royal Challengers. He says the duo ignored his list of players at the IPL auction, that Sharma was only giving excuses for the team’s poor performances, etc.

What is the one question you would like to ask the honourable “doctorate of philosophy in business administration from the University of Southern California“?

Photograph: courtesy Trak

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