Faster than the fastest electronic voting machine

The curbs of the Election Commission have killed the “election industry” of sign board painters, banner makers, illicit liquor brewers, etc. But it continues to be boom time for psephologists, astrologers, pollsters, experts and assorted analysts to peddle their wares.

When the first phase of polling ended at 5 pm on May 10, reporters and editors received a mass-mail from the delightfully appropriate “Creative Centre for Politics Studies” with its summer capital in Srinagar (Bangalore). An attched PDF file contained the findings of its “exit poll”.

“We, the COPS invigilators conducted exit poll survey in all 89 assembly constituencies of first phase of elections in Karnataka,” wrote co-ordinator M.C. Hemant Gowda (mobile phone number: 98805-94318). The exit poll gave 32 to the BJP, 30 to the Congress, 25 to the JDS.

Not very different from other opinion polls, you might say. Probably.

Polling ended at 5 pm.

The exit poll findings were mailed at 5.13 pm.