Red or white, Bangarappa is ready to fight

E.P. Unny, the political cartoonist of The Indian Express, is on the campaign trail in Karnataka, drawing realtime sketches, and turning in insights in prose which itinerant political reporters and correspondents all seem to have decided is beneath them.

From a rally in Anavatti in Shimoga, where S. Bangarappa is campaigning for younger son Madhu Bangarappa against his elder son Kumar Bangarappa, Unny writes:

“Even as the Dad & Darling Son Show gets going, part of the gathering switches towards the helicopter. Evidently the flying machine is a lot more appealing than the bicycle, Bangarappa’s party symbol. Many in the crowd including the ones who turn chopper-wards are wearing a red cap with the bicycle graphic on it.

“One such cap is handed over to Bangarappa as he ascends the dais. He fidgets with it for a while, keeps it aside and sits down to comb his hair. Why should he conceal his fine crop of jet-black hair? Nearly as old as Deve Gowda, at 76, among the many things he has defied is age. Not that he should have any ideological qualms about the red cap itself.

“When the colour runs, it could turn into a lily white Congress cap.”

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