The SMS that Rahul Dravid sent Vijay Mallya

Harsha Bhogle in The Indian Express:

“Intentionally or otherwise, Vijay Mallya has unleashed a wonderful, but hitherto unknown, word into Indian cricket. We have always plodded along in Indian cricket and accountability was this word from another language that occasionally filtered through our barriers. We knew it existed, as we did at various times achtung and détente and glasnost or even shiraz and tom yum.”

Meanwhile excerpts from Vijay Mallya‘s diary:

“Another loss. Got piss drunk. Broke some bottles of competitors’ booze and had a few swigs of RC. Blanked out. I hate cheap whiskey. Awoke to Rahul‘s sms. Says he’s not going to play the game anymore. What a relief. Finally, I can replace that white elephant…. More bad news, I looked at Rahul’s sms again. He said he’s not going to play the blame game anymore. I hate cheap whiskey.”

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