Spot the six differences in these two photographs

Nothing conveys the failure of Indian governance better than the sight of well-fed politicians (and calorie-conscious administrators) shamelessly glugging packaged drinking water while women and girls wake up at obscene hours to book their spots in queues, or to lug pots and buckets across miles, to wash, cook and bathe.

Here, “the doyen of dalits”, Mallikarjuna Kharge unbashedly slakes his thirst at a Sonia Gandhi rally in Gulbarga on Saturday by sucking a multinational bottle, while (right) a woman in Bangalore steps on the treadmill of drudgery to fetch a few cans, little knowing if those whom she voted have already pledged to privatise supply of the liquid of life.

What are the six differences you can spot in these two pictures?

Photographs: Karnataka Photo News

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