Are you a part of the 1%—or the other 99%?

Neerja Chowdhury in The New Indian Express:

“Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has repeatedly described Maoist violence as the biggest internal security threat, and today from 55 districts they, Naxals or Maoists, have spread to 175 districts, almost one-third of the country and this should be a cause for worry….

“We also have to look at why 77 per cent of Indians spend less than Rs 20 a day, which is a figure put out by the government appointed Unorganised Sector Commission’s report and which the government has not denied. We have the 61st round of the NSSO—another government body—tell us that only 1% of Indians spend more than Rs 80 a day.

“Even if this sounds exaggerated and does not take into account black incomes, the figures are mindbogglingly huge and are in stark contrast to the other reality of India—its billionaires going up from 25 to 48. With some of the growing restiveness at the ground level, some of it taking the shape of Maoist or SIMI-supported violenc, the chickens are coming home to roost.”

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