‘Hinduism cannot be saved without Brahminism’

T.J.S. George, the editorial of the New Indian Express, asked in his weekly column ‘Point of View‘ recently: “In the ageless tussle between Brahminic Hinduism and its challengers, is the balance tipping in favour of Brahminism again?

K.B. Ganapathy responds thus in Star of Mysore:

“After visiting a few important Hindu temples in the South recently, I am inclined to believe that the balance is indeed tipping in favour of Brahminism. And I am also inclined to believe that if Hinduism is to be saved, it is possible only if it has the patronage and protection from Brahminism. After all, Hinduism minus Brahminism is like a body without a soul.

“To the hardware of Hinduism, Brahminism provides the software that ignites spiritualism among all the followers of Hinduism irrespective of caste, creed and the individual religious rituals. It could be animistic or nature worship where meat and liquor are also offered after animal sacrifice to appease a deity.”

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