Leaves so large you can serve a veg thali on them

Either some post-modern scholar has done a survey and found that gentlemen Kannadigas prefer blondes. Or that Kannadiga men are still slobbering over Baywatch™ babes.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA™) has sent out copies of a “tantalising” advertisement featuring the owner of the most famous pair of oversized orbs to Kannada publications to mark World Vegetarian Week (May 19 to 25) with the Kannada translation of the tagline “Turn Over a New Leaf. Try Vegetarian.”

Pamela Anderson may be a longtime vegetarian and animal rights activist, who genuinely believes that “going vegetarian is the best – and easiest – method of staying slim and sexy”. But, who is to blame if “non-vegetarian” men start wondering how they can lay their hands on such large leaves—to start eating veg thalis, that is?

Are meat-eating women likely to be converted by a campaign like this?

If PeTA™ had to choose an Indian/Kannada star, who would it be?