The ‘godmen’ are all backing god’s own party

Opinion pollsters, exit pollsters, pre-poll pollsters, post-poll pollsters; newspaper and TV reporters, editors, analysts and experts have all had their say.

But why should it be only their monopoly to get it wrong—or right?

Here’s what assorted astrologers and godmen are saying about what the stars (and the bees in their bonnet) foretell for the Karnataka elections.

# Sri Shivayogi Rajendra Swamiji of the Kodi Mutt, Arasikere: BJP will win more than 120 seats and form the government, but it will only last six months.

# Daivajna K.N. Somayaji of the Shankar Mutt, Bangalore: BJP will fall short of getting a majority on its own but will form the government with the help of independents.

# Jyotishi Srikanth Bhat of Yellapur, Karwar: BJP will get 107 seats, Congress 88 and JDS 14. (In 2004, said gent had reportedly predicted 79 for BJP, 68 for Congress and 54 for JDS.)

# Rakesh, an eight-year-old boy from Guddekal near Shimoga: Yediyurappa will win presumably from Shikaripura.

Please note that tomorrow is the last date for astrologers to submit their election predictions to Mangalore-based rationalist, Prof. Narendra Nayak. The winner will get Rs 10 lakh.

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