Because too many cooks spoil the bisi bele broth

Sujan Dutta in The Telegraph, Calcutta, salutes Arun Jaitley, the commander of the BJP’s victorious army in Karnataka, and compares him to German “Desert Fox”, Erwin Rommel:

“Arun Jaitley has marshalled the victories for the BJP in four large States since the UPA came to power in New Delhi. For a politician who has not personally contested a mass-level election since he was the leader of the Delhi University Students Union, that is quite an achievement.

“As in Gujarat and Bihar before that, he rarely left the State capital. He rented a house in the tony Koramangala locality, took his cook from Delhi with him—he is on a strict diet since his bypass surgery—drove from the house to the BJP’s central election office in Malleswararam and back like a diligent executive would between work and home.

“He packed his office with infotech-savvy youth, ensuring that his database on Karnataka was as comprehensive as he could make it—all of this without being able to speak Kannada. He made sure that that nothing, absolutely nothing, from BJP headquarters in New Delhi to the state passed without his knowledge.”

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Illustration: Sandeep Adhwaryu/ Outlook