CHURUMURI POLL: What did the trick for BJP?

Now that the Bharatiya Janata Party has firmly set foot in the southern peninsula by exploding all the usual myths associated with it of being a party of just one community or a couple of regions, it’s time to understand how this happened: What, in your opinion, tilted the scales for the party and helped it come to power in Karnataka in such a resounding manner?

Is it the result of a surging tide against the Congress, which has seen Sonia Gandhi‘s party lose election after election? Did the BJP’s move to clearly and unequivocally project B.S. Yediyurappa as chief minister help? Is it Yediyurappa’s claims of good performance as finance minister? Or the promise of good governance? Is it the “betrayal” the BJP suffered at the hands of the H.D. Deve Gowda‘s JDS not once but twice? Was there a sympathy factor at work?

Was the voter sick and tired of the tenuousness of coalition politics, and wanted stability? Did underplaying contentious issues like Baba Budangiri pay off? Was the party smart in putting up “winnable” candidates instead of being hidebound about giving representation to women, minorities, and marginal castes?

Is the BJP’s rise in Karnataka a vote against the Congress, or a vote against the JDS, or a vote against both? Or is it more straight forward, a vote for the BJP? Are voters plain tired of the waffling and doublespeak of the Congress and the left on issues such as terrorism and secularism? And their “minority appeasement?” Did the voter punish the UPA government at the Centre for the mounting inflation and price rise? Is the BJP beginning to reap the benefits of Narendra Modi‘s image across the country?