19 tips for the Congress to start winning again

G.V.L. Narasimha Rao, the psephologist behind Development and Research Services (DRS), who had offered ‘Six reasons why Congress will lose in Karnataka‘, now offers seven tips for the Congress to start winning again.

# Don’t bank on negative vote: Anti-incumbency doesn’t work if incumbent governments govern better.

# Take care of organistional health: Get strong leaders with experience, stature and mass following.

# Anoint your leader: Elections are increasingly personality-oriented; it helps to have a face.

# Get caste calculus right: Clearly understand and exploit the caste dynamics in each state.

# Counter future BSP damage: Adopt a dalit-friendly approach in future elections.

# Improve election management: Gone are the days of winning elections by chanting Panditji, Indiraji, Rajivji.

# Get some aggression into the system: Believe in yourself, instead of getting defensive and looking for excuses.

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