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Gouri Satya reports in today’s Business Standard that the arrest of Ganapati Sachchidananada Swamiji for alleged forgery of documents in a land encroachment case, is only the tip of an iceberg of land grabbing at the foothills of Mysore’s most visible landmark:

“Land grab or allotment of lands in violation of laws and regulations has been rampant at the foot of Mysore’s famous Chamundi Hills.

“The Chamundi foothill was a forest area with dense greenery made of shrubs and trees, amidst cemeteries. People were afraid to go there late in the evenings or in the early hours of the mornings.

“It presents a sad picture today. The fragile eco-system has been irreversibly damaged over the last few years with large-scale encroachments. The hillface has been denuded. They are encroached with layouts and houses, majority of which are illegal.

“Tourist resorts and religious institutions have sprung up with the acquiesance of politicians and officials, including at the top levels. Buildings have cropped up leagally or illegally in this green belt area, which was once set apart for the Nehru Loka project, now abandoned.”

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