What Yediyurappa’s tears didn’t tell Shantamma

Major General Sudhir G. Vombatkere in a letter to the editor of The New Indian Express:

“The TV channels show clearly that the farmer [Siddalinga Churi] who was shot by police at Haveri was unarmed, walking alone and there was nobody else near him. He was hit in the stomach, fell to the ground, tried to stay up by holding the railing, then collapsed, and died before anybody could reach him.

“The question is: Why was he shot?

“In all the noise, the accusations and counter-accusations flung about by the BJP and opposition parties abot the shortage of fertiliers, this violent retaliation by the State on an unarmed mob will go unnoticed. We need to demand of the government a response as to why an unarmed individual who was not doing anything wrong was shot.

“Would the police train their guns on one of us tomorrow?”

Cartoon: courtesy Yathi/ Deccan Herald

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