Why can’t those fools see what the Queen can?

Three-time Mandya MP and former Union minister of State for information and broadcasting, M.H. Amarnath Gowda alias Ambarish, who lost in the assembly elections from Srirangapatna, quoted in Star of Mysore:

“I don’t want to be in politics anymore. After this election, I have come to realise that only if one has money, it is possible to win. Where can I loot to bring that much money? Though I am not disheartened by this defeat, I feel I do not want politics.

“As an MP, I helped in the developmental works in Srirangapatna by getting funds released for several projects. Even though I had submitted my resignation to the Minister’s post and the Parliament seat, the Central Government has not yet accepted it.

“The High Command is aware of my charisma. But the voters of Srirangapatna did not realise it.”

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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