‘Imperialism is knocking on India’s doors again’

Amitav Ghosh, author of the newly released Sea of Poppies, in an interview with Amrita Tripathi of CNN-IBN:

“The age of imperialism is not over. It’s actually now starting all over again. It’s really starting in earnest. Just yesterday, we saw the American army attacking the Pakistan army on the borders of Pakistan. I think recolonisation is a real prospect for Pakistan. The age of imperalism is not only not over, it is knocking on our doors again.

“During the Iraq war, during the George W. Bush presidency, we saw imperial historians literally saying ‘We want Empire back’.

“It’s important for us, people who have our histories, who lived through histories, to stand up and say no, this is what your history did, what you are thinking about your history is a myth. We Indians, as writers and intellectuals, we do have a large presence. In this debate, we were able to anything at all; we were completely ineffective.”

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