Where were you on the night this took place?

Twenty-five years ago—a quarter of a century ago!—India won the World Cup of cricket.

It all seems like a millennium ago, and it is. The matches were 60 overs a side. The players wore white clothes; the balls were red; and the television sets were black and white. The matches were all played during the day; in the event of rain, they were completed the following day. There was no 15-yard circle, no fielding restrictions, no one-bouncer-an-over rule.

In the finals—at the Tirupati of the Game, Lord’s—India scored 183 in 54.4 overs and the West Indies were bowled out for 140 in 52 overs.

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN was in Bombay on the day of the finals: “After the match, I remember going with a friend on his scooter in Chembur and getting  drunk at a Sardar’s pub. The sardar’s son every now and then was doing a ‘Kapil‘ by opening a beer bottle and spraying it everywhere. An indulgent father was showing him how to do that correctly by opening another bottle!”

AMIT VARMA was nine at the time, and hadn’t yet begun following cricket. “I vaguely remember being in a room with many family members, all of them rather excited. When they began jumping up and down at the fall of the tenth West Indian wicket, I looked at the screen and sagely remarked: “But they still have one batsman left.”

Where were you when India did what it has never done again? Did you have a TV set at home or did you go to a neighbour’s to watch the proceedings? Colour or b/w? If you had gone off to sleep, what was your first reaction when you were told the next morning that such a thing had happened?

What is your finest, most abiding memory (besides Balwinder Sandhu bowling Gordon Greenidge)?

Where were you on Twentyfifth June Nineteeneightythree?