Nuclear Vajpayee vs nuclear Manmohan Singh

Sudheendra Kulkarni in The Indian Express:

“Several decades from now, history will remember Atal Behari Vajpayee as the prime minister who took the bull by the horns and announced India’s emergence as a nuclear weapons power by ordering nuclear tests in May 1998…. Ask any Indian living abroad, and they will tell you that India going nuclear was what compelled the world, especially the West, to start viewing India with greater respect. The “Can Do” spirit, or the “Hum kisise kum nahin” spirit, that we now see among Indians in business and other spheres of life was, to a significant extent, made possible by the “Can Do” decision that Vajpayee took within two months of assuming office in 1998.

“Now ask yourselves how history would view Dr Manmohan Singh’s adventurism on the Indo-US nuclear deal…. Would India in 2020 or 2030 recall with pride that Dr Singh was the prime minister who ended India’s “nuclear apartheid” and heralded India’s “nuclear renaissance”?… History will also put to the test Dr Singh’s claim about ending India’s “nuclear apartheid” since the Indo-US nuclear deal is, self-evidently, less about liberating India from its chronic energy needs and more about bringing India within the US-dictated global non-proliferation regime.”

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Pyaare Manmohan… where the bloody hell are you?