Why PM rushed where Pranab feared to tread

Why was Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in such a tearing hurry at the G-8 summit in Japan last week to announce that India would go ahead with the Indo-US deal while external affairs minister Pranab Mukherjee was announcing that the government would do so only after demonstrating its majority on the floor of the Lok Sabha.

The answer, according to Sitaram Yechuri, is Iran.

The CPI(M) member of Parliament, writing in the Hindustan Times makes a point Seymour Hersh made in The New Yorker, that with Israel making preparations to launch a pre-emptive air strike against Iran’s alleged nuclear facilities, pressure was growing on New Delhi, especially with time running out for Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert facing corruption charges.

“If such an attack on Iran happens, then it would be virtually impossible to ‘sell’ the go-ahead on the Indo-US nuclear deal to sections of the Congress and the UPA allies. This explains the desperate hurry to move ahead.”

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Link courtesy Anand V.