Edifice Complex kills our cities, then our citizens

With the number of air passengers from Bangalore to Madras apparently dropping by as much as 60 to 70 per cent, Narendar Pani calls the new Bangalore International Airport a classic example of huge expenses being expended on a project with uncertain returns, in Mail Today:

“Those who plan for India’s cities today have been afflicted by what has been called, in another time and another place, as the Edifice Complex. For those who suffer from this complex, the development of a city is measured by the number of large projects it tries to implement…. Once policy makers develop an Edifice Complex all other criteria are thrown out of the window.

“The Edifice Complex of Bangalore’s urban planners has now reached a point where the city is taking great pains to make things worse for itself. Each of these high-cost projects raises the price of the service it provides, thereby hugely raising the cost of living in Bangalore. And then there is the indirect effect as well. As large unviable projects are sought to be made viable by giving the investors more land than they need, there is an upward pressure on real estate prices as well. This in turn makes the city even more unaffordable. It may be just a matter of time before Bangalore prices itself out of its rightful place in the global network of cities.”

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