National interest is a very dodgy business indeed

M.J. Akbar in Khaleej Times:

Dr Manmohan Singh can now be held responsible for both economic and political inflation, a rare achievement….

“There is already an SMS doing the rounds which does not make pleasant reading for those in power: “Wanted: convicts, murderers, mafia, jailbirds, criminals 2 vote 4 Trust Vote. Parties need u if u r any of the above. U will get CM’s post, Ministership, airport named after ur father etc. Good citizens need not apply….

“Dr Manmohan Singh began with a majority of nearly a hundred. In four years, by becoming a one-point Bush-entranced Prime Minister, he has reduced that majority to a variable that could easily slip into a minority. We will soon see who wins the numbers game. What we do know already is that the government has lost its credibility”

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