What if Kalavathi lived behind Rahul’s house?

Each time they open their mouth, Indian politicians try to show how much they are in contact with the aam admi and aam aurat.

On election tours, they hop off their Z-plus security cordons and press some flesh. On the road, they stop by and eat at dhabas and thrust a 500-rupee note. And in their policies, they are forever trying to show that their heart is in the right place.

It takes a blast in Ahmedabad to show how insecure the life of the common man and woman is in the country. And it takes another 36 hours for a story like this to emerge:

New Delhi: Delhi Police wants a slum cluster located in the high security Tughlak Road area, where the home of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is located, to be removed as they pose a security risk to the high profile residents there.

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