‘Clarion call of a new India that goes out to win’

Nalin Mehta, co-author of Olympics: The India Story, in The Indian Express:

Abhinav Bindra’s achievement is as much a testament to his own skill and courage as it is a metaphor for the larger story of India. His gold medal-winning shot on the final attempt is the clarion call of a new India, an India that is not scared of looking destiny in the eye, a nation that goes out to win, not just to participate.

“Bindra has shattered the grand narrative of failure that has characterised Indian sport just as the emergence of the IT industry in the ’90s signified the end of the “Hindu rate of growth” that defined the economy since the ’50s. Just as a Narayana Murthy or an Azim Premji created the self-belief for India to act as a global player after decades of isolationism and the license-permit raj, so has Abhinav Bindra ushered in a new era of self-confidence.”

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