Running with the hares, hunting with the hounds

As the ruling BJP in Karnataka continues with its breathtaking assault on democracy through its euphemistically titled “Operation Lotus”, wooing defectors and making a mockery of the recent elections while grandstanding on “political morality”, Deccan Herald has an editorial:

“Even conceding that the legislators resigned their seats before joining the BJP, does it not amount to an insult to the voters who elected them in the first place?

“Can a ruling party use the loaves of office at its disposal and make a mockery of the Anti-Defection Act? Can democracy survive if legislators begin to think that they can serve their constituencies only if they are in the ruling party?

“Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa’s assertion that the legislators are queueing up on their own holds no water as three of the defectors have already been made ministers and there are reports that others will also be suitably accommodated either in the cabinet or as chairmen of boards and corporations.

“There was a general feeling of disgust among the people and sympathy for the BJP when it accused the UPA government at the Centre of disbursing cash-for-votes to win the confidence motion in parliament recently, but what the party is doing in Karnataka is equally vulgar and blatant misuse of money power.”

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