An Apple a day keeps Steve Jobs away from us

On the day the iPhone that costs $199 (approximately Rs 8,000) in the United States makes its legal debut in Indian stores at an iPopping Rs 30,000, former Citibanker JaithirthJerryRao offers four bits of (free) advice to Steve Jobs, the Apple founder whose worldview changed after a visit to the ghats of Benares looking for nirvana:

1) The Indian consumer is very price-conscious. She does not like to make huge upfront investments based on uncertain promises of future service quality.

2) Any attempt to link lower price with lower quality, real or perceived, is likely to bomb.

3) The definition of quality is almost always functional. “Does it meet my real needs?” is the question she asks, not whether it gratifies her ego.

4) Do not underestimate her ability to find uses for the product that are totally at variance with the original intent of producers.

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