An open letter to Ms Shobha Karandlaje; cc: DC

Respected Madam,

This is with regard to the forthcoming Dasara celebrations in Mysore.

It is heartening to note that, as the district in-charge minister, you have made a deliberate bid to involve the public and industry while chalking out the programmes for the ten-day festival.

While it is nice to know of the various events that are on the anvil, one would also like to know what has happened to the “Sound ‘n’ Light” show on the history of Mysore, similar to the one at the Red Fort in Delhi, that was planned and commissioned some years ago ?

The son et luminiere, directed by T.S. Nagabharana, was launched with a lot of fanfare and a lot more funds three or more years ago. However, all it has generated since then has been heat, apparently because of disagreement over the script.

The scion of the erstwhile royal family, Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wodeyar, had raised some objections with the original script written by Lingadevaru Halemane. The then government appointed a panel of writers, with senior journalist Krishna Vattam and former Mysore mayor R.G. Narasimha Iyengar from INTACH, to redo the script.

Even a trial run of the programme with the new script was shown to some journalists at that time, as can be evidenced from this photograph (courtesy The Hindu).

We understand the script has been redone to the satisfaction of all concerned. However, nobody knows the exact fate of the project, what is holding it up, and when it is likely to be completed.  It goes without that a lot of expenditure would have been incurred on this project with no result to show for after all these years.

It will be wonderful if the sound and light show can see the light of the day during this Dasara.

Could you kindly look into the matter, trace the whereabouts of this project, and with the help of able officers like deputy commissioner P. Manivannan ensure that the project comes out of hiding into the open?

We are sure you would agree nothing would be more pleasing for a Mysorean and the tourist, national and international, to experience the history of Mysore by watching the programme during the magical Navaratri.

This would indeed give a much-needed boost to tourism in Mysore and be a fitting tribute to a great heritage City.

Yours sincerely


cc: P. Manivannan, deputy commissioner


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