Hopefully, the number of capable MLAs is larger

“Chief Minister comes down heavily on bureaucrats”

“District in-charge minister warns babus”

“Minister takes officials to task”

These are the kind of headlines that crowd the newspapers whenever a new dispensation is in place. Most such fulminations are for effect. To show voters that the newly elected broom is trying to sweep the stables clean and is only being held back by unaccountable, good-for-nothing bureaucrats.

A. Ramadas, the Krishnaraja MLA who became S.A. Ramadas just before the assembly elections this year, and is now the chief minister’s political secretary, has gone one step further. He has revealed that the BJP government of B.S. Yediyurappa had prepared a breakup of IAS officers soon after coming to power.

The officers were apparently broken down into:

(i) Officers who are incapable of doing any work

(ii) Officers who are efficient and can do work

(iii) Officers who are honest and do work if encouraged

(iv) Officers who can do work under any Government by utilising their strength and intelligence.

According to Ramadas, the number of “capable” and “efficient” IAS officers is: 14. Yes, ten plus four, fourteen.

There are 244 IAS officers in the State. So, 14 out of 244 translates into roughly 6 per cent. There are 224 MLAs in the Assembly.


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