10 more revolutionary steps to make roads ‘safe’

PRITAM SENGUPTA writes from New Delhi: If it was an automotive vehicle, the “Ban Wagon” would have been India’s best selling model. Ban this, ban that, and ban the other thing too is the national mantra. Ban tight jeans on campuses, ban hugging on campuses, ban pillion riders in sarees, ban the bandhgala…

OK, not the last one. Yet.

Now, Delhi police are considering a ban on playing music in cars because, well, music distracts and causes accidents. And, as always, there are some loosely worded laws to back the ban masters. Apparently, Section 102 of the Delhi Motor Vehicle rule says traffic police can regulate the use of audio visual devices in vehicles by issuing notices (emphasis added).

But does only music take people’s eyes off the road leading to mishaps? Of course, not. So, in the spirit of public service, churumuri.com is pleased to offer suggestions for a ban on some of these other detrimental but lesser known in-car on-the-move personal activities that endangers public safety.

1) Ban nose picking, ear-picking or beard-stroking

2) Ban eating, drinking, chewing or smoking

3) Ban glancing at or talking to co-passengers of either sex

4) Ban eye, lip or body contact with co-passengers of opposite sex

5) Ban the windows on the left and right

6) Ban driving with the ‘wrong’ hand on the steering wheel

7) Ban driving in chappals and sandals

8) Ban automakers from leaving slots for music systems

9) Ban watching hoardings and other roadside signs

10) Ban gawking at good-looking men and women