Like Aishwarya Rai is related to Kalpanath Rai?

Live, phone-in programmes on television, especially the kind where a nearly-adult anchor asks the caller an inane question like “Yenu maakond iddeera (what do you do), Venkatesh?” rarely produces the kind of answer that viewers secretly hope Venkatesh would.

But this conversation on Eenadu Kannada’s “Demandappo Demandoo” takes the cake and the Iyengar’s bakery:

Anchor: Yenu hesaru?

Caller: Vishnumurthi Karanth

Anchor: Are you a relative of K. Shivaram Karanth

Caller: No

Anchor: I think you are also brilliant like him

Caller: Yes

Anchor: Are you a poet like Karanth?

Caller: No. I run a hotel.

Anchor: Hogli bidi. Poem baryodakkintha hotel olledallva? (Isn’t it better running a hotel than writing a poem?)