As if BMTC was only a Universal Serial Bus service

NANDITA J, in a letter to the editor of Deccan Herald:

“While waiting at the bus stand, I recently experienced some of the resentment commonly voiced against the ‘greater mortals’—the IT folk!

“Half an hour had passed without a single bus stopping by as the numbers of the waiting lot multiplied. Public buses were plenty but they were all ferrying the folks from Infosys, Wipro, etc.

“Should public property be used to serve private companies?

“For the comfort of a minuscule percentage of Bangaloreans travelling by air, trees have been massacred, roads widened and special AC buses pressed into service. The pricing is so exorbitant that no ordinary commuter can afford it. As a result these Vayu Vajras and Suvarnas run mostly empty or occupied to not more than five per cent capacity.

“But what else can you expect in the new capitalist India? Truly, there is no value for life here, specially if you happen to be poor.”

Photograph: courtesy Aseef Syed via Picasa

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