‘Our cities are being looted by political parties’

Architect Charles Correa in conversation with Anastasia Guha in Tehelka:

“Our cities are being looted by the political parties [using urban real estate as a prime source for finances]. In the process the cities are being destroyed.

“Our cities are crucial to the future of our nation. Firstly, they produce the skills we need for development… Then they are engines of economic growth… And finally, they are places of freedom… Destroy them, and this whole country goes the way of Bihar.

“We must take immediate steps to ensure that every one of our major cities is run by a politician who is elected by the people of that city—and is accountable to them. This way, believe me, they would have to pay attention to what citizens feel—or they wouldn’t get reelected.

“Accountability is what Democracy is all about. It’s not a coincidence that Sheila Dixit is doing such a great job of running Delhi—it’s the only city in India where citizens directly elect their own government.”

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Link via K.T. Vishnu Kumar