How about a sub-panel to form Dasara sub-panels?

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: There is a mad rush among politicians in Mysore to some how or the other make it to one of the myriad and “prestigious” Dasara committees. Since there are so many aspirants to be accommodated for so few committees, one feels sorry for those left out.

If you are an MLA or an MLC and are not able to get into one of these 20-odd committees, it is a body blow to the ego. It proclaims to the world you are a ‘nobody’. So you end up literally settling these things by slugging it out in meeting rooms after sending the invited journalists out.

With Rs 5 crore already released and another Rs 5 crore in the pipeline, and a generous gesture from the Chief Minister that more money will be released ‘as and when they ask’, naturally everybody wants to be part of the pie chart to make Dasara festival a “resounding success”.

How can we create more Dasara committees and give the leftover legislators and their chamchas and chelas a chance? Here are a few committees the CM could consider:

# Pothole identification committee

# Pothole filling committee

# Vijaynagar water tank roof re-laying committee

# ‘Actually asphalted Roads’ versus ‘Bills released for roads’ study committee

# ‘Is the water fit to drink?’ tasting committee

# ‘Budgeted’ expense versus ‘Actual amount spent’ assessment committee

# ‘Amount promised’ to artists versus ‘actual amount given’ committee

# ‘New street lights installed’ versus ‘Actual bills paid’ study committee

# To keep tab on private taxis which move around for only Dasara work’

# ‘Did the mahouts actually get what they are supposed to get?’ assessment committee

# Committee to study ‘ Petrol and Diesel consumption of vehicles doing trips between Bangalore and Mysore  for Dasara works’

In addition, a couple of sub-committees could be appointed to study these issues.

# The road between K.R. Circle and Bannimantap has been asphalted and re-asphalted every year, sometimes twice in a year. By now the road should have gone up by a few metres. What is the mystery that it has remained at the same height despite the repeated onslaught? Can the geology department of the University of Mysore help solve this puzzle?

# How is it that groups of officials, engineers, ministers, corporation officials visit the same Vijayanagar tank every year, walk around gingerly around the 2-metre diameter hole in the roof, and are simply ‘astonished ’ to see algae and the floating carcass of birds and small animals lagae in the cesspool which remains the source of drinking water to Mysore? Which ‘health and hygiene’ Group should study this?

These are some of the areas we can gainfully employ our MLAs / MLCs if we can somehow link it with Dasara.

Are there some more ideas buzzing in your head for the formation of new committees?

Please help.

As always, our CM is open to new ideas to do what no other government before his has done.