The talking violin suddenly decides to go silent

Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan, the versatile violin maestro, passed away in Madras last night. He was 73 years old. An ardent admirer of Mysore T. Chowdiah, Vaidyanathan was renowned for his bowing skills which famously enabled him to “talk” to the “class”—and to the “mass”.

Above, Vaidyanathan performs Marudamalai mamaniyae murugaiyya…from the movie Deivam. Below, he takes part in a fusion effort with Zakir Hussain from the album Colors. A.R. Rehman, (then A.S. Dilip Kumar) is on the keyboards, with Sivamani on the drums/tabla.

In a 1997 interview in The Hindu, Vaidyanathan said:

“Approximation to vocal artistry is the goal of an ideal Carnatic instrumentalist. I apply the bowing techniques such as swaravil, sahityavial, etc, to realise this as far as possible… My performance objective is to satisfy all sections of an audience.”

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