‘Karnataka is going the way of Bihar and Bengal’

The following is the full, unedited text of a quarter-page advertisement issued by a Delhi-based NGO called PATRIOT, that appears on the business page of Deccan Herald today.

Deccan Herald and its holding company The Printers Mysore Limited, in a disclaimer at the bottom of the advertisement, have clarified that they have no interest or input in the content and that they do not take responsibility for the statements made.


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(Turning West Bengal/ Bihar way)

Some misguided individuals/organisations becoming stronger in the guise of getting 100% Kannadigas employed in industries under threats, which situation is not prevailing anywhere in India, despite the new chief minister being pro-industrialisation realising well that “industry is a self-generating economy” providing not only massive employment but also generating revenue, earning foreign exchange and raising living standard of the people.

In fact, they have no locus standi under any law to play such destructive role, but are taking the law into their own hands by spreading the dangerous wave of Kannadigas vs non-Kannadigas for the last 4-5 years in the guise of democracy.

Earlier, Karnataka was known as the most peaceful State and its people law abiding and were welcoming industries.

It is expected Government, having strong teeth, will invoke Sections 383/389, 153-B, 291, 441, 503, 146 of IPC and Sections 35, 38, 54, 55 of Karnataka Police Act, 1963 and ban these destructive organisations by throwing their so-called leaders into jail for their anti-development and anti-people activities, in the interest of the people’s prosperity through industrialisation.

The Hon’ble Supreme Court in one of its judgments has observed “The greater the percentage of population i industry and lesser in agriculture the more prosperous the country.”

In Karnataka, 80% and in India on average 75% of population depend on agriculture—hence the poverty.

Moreover, we have examples of Japan, Germany and Korea which were almost ruined during second world war but now they top the list of most prosperous nations due to industrialisation only. Similarly, in our own country, look at Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, most prosperous States due to industrialisation. On the contrary, look at Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal, starving due to criminalisation and goondaism.

PATRIOT, a well-known NGO, registered in the year 2000 having made extensive research on various complaints of this nature, has cautioned entrepreneurs individually and through FICCI, CII, ASSOCHAM, all Chambers of Commerce, Associations & Federations to know the reality before stepping into karnataka so long as these anti-social elements and wave of Kannadigas vs non-Kannadigas are not curbed realsing the consequences of similar mean-thinking in West Bengal during 1968 to 1974—driving away the industries followed by starvation and lawlessness massively.

The aforesaid anti-development groups getting frustrated owing to the intervention of Hon’ble High Court and Hon’ble Supreme Court judgments in other cases, have now changed their direction alleging that the industries are committing atrocities on Kannadigas. By this, they are doing more harm and giving a clear signal that industries are unwanted in Karnataka.

So, it is for the State Government to compare with West Bengal/ Bihar and decide. However, if these groups and leaders have an iota of sense and are real saviours of the poor, innocent and illiterate masses mostly living in villages, they should request/move the Government with close follow up to make it mandatory on all industries to adopt 1 to 100 surrounding villages as per capacity/size and provide basic amenities like potable water, eduction, medicines, jobs, sanitation, hygiene.

In case of failure/violation, such industries as well as the concerned public servants be taught a good lesson instead of harassing and attacking the law abiding, peace-loving and benevolent/respectable people purely in self-interest. This will be the real service to Kannadigas. By this, nobody is loser but all will receive God’s grace.

President, PATRIOT (Regd), 22/12, 1st Floor, Yusuf Sarai, New Delhi 110016


Are the claims true? Are the demands correct? Has the perception of the character of Karnataka/ Kannadigas changed in recent years? Is this situation unique to Karnataka? Are we going the way of Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal in terms of criminalisation and goondaism?

Who could be behind this ad? A political party, an aggrieved industrialist? And what is the ad’s intent: to correct the situation, alert the world, or plain mischief?

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