‘Discrimination of Muslims in India is a plain lie’

Sudheendra Kulkarni in The Indian Express:

“Indian Muslims need to introspect on whether the shrill and persistent propaganda that they are a persecuted and oppressed community in India is helping or hurting them.

“This propaganda has no factual basis whatsoever. True, the Indian Muslim community is suffering from certain inequities and disabilities, but this is substantially true about other communities too.

“There is nothing in India’s Constitutional order, in our democratic political system or in the secular ethos of our society that inherently discriminates against Muslims.

“Nevertheless, the propaganda that “Muslims do not get justice in India”, echoing similar poisonous propaganda that the Muslim League had mounted before 1947 as a rationale for its demand for India’s partition, is being systematically conducted both within the country and globally. This has naturally influenced a section of educated Muslims, radicalising them in the direction of Islamism”

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