‘Our society can’t be safe with IM & Bajrang Dal’

Biocon founder Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw:

“As they say, religion is the teachings of God entrusted to learned men to spread love, goodwill and harmony. Unfortunately when men, especially ignorant men, descecrate God’s teachings for personal and political gain it causes hatred, bad faith and mayhem. Only the collective might of people can stop this senseless religious turmoil.

“It is upto to every God loving Hindu Muslim and Christian to play their part in bringing harmony to their communities and stopping misguided social elements from this global catastrophe. Politicians have a key role to play in leading by example.

“Just as the Indian Mujahideen has to be stopped in its tracks so also others like the Bajrang Dal as unless their message of hatred is obliterated, we will not be able to build a safe society.

“Political manifestos must be banned from containing any religious objectives.”