‘A government cannot use ‘us v/s them’ rhetoric’

Editorial in The Indian Express, New Delhi:

“The B.S. Yediyurappa government in Karnataka is not doing itself any good by persisting in its state of denial…. The Karnataka government’s singular failure (and a mark of its double standards) is its inability to treat the problem as one of law and order. All right, so the government has made a few arrests, but it continues to give the impression that it had better be doing something else.

“A democratically elected government cannot use the “us and them” rhetoric even without intending to. If the law of the land is violated, and innocent people suffer as a result, the government’s first priority should be the re-assertion of the rule of law….

“The government must be perceived to stand for all people in Karnataka. But it seems more bent on looking for a conspiracy against itself and criticising the Centre’s advisories as hasty and deflecting attention from the issue of terrorism.

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