Look, who’s ordering a by-two coffee at Wipro?!

How is the global economic meltdown affecting Bangalore IT companies? It’s difficult to decipher from the gung-ho coverage.

Saritha Rai of silicon.com strikes a discordant note on zdnet:

To survive the slowdown, outsourcing companies will have to learn to be thrifty.

The successful ones have already been doing this. At Wipro, legend has it that chairman Azim Premji would ask that toilet paper be rationed, and insist employees switch off lights and air conditioners when leaving a room.

In fact, Premji, one of India’s richest men by virtue of his share in Wipro, apparently practices frugality to the extent that he orders ‘by-two’ samosas in the office café. ‘By-two’ is a famous local habit, quickly adopted by newcomers, of splitting one order of anything (coffee to soup) between two people to save on costs.

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