A batsman with his feet firmly planted on earth

Simon Wilde in The Sunday Times, London, on the real essence of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar:

“The suffocating intrusions and the expectations of a billion fans must be intolerable; indeed, they have often been survivable only thanks to a phalanx of lathi-wielding policemen who would corral him into cars or on to coaches, away from the outstretched arms of blind worshippers.

Tendulkar is in the 20th year of this madness and throughout has remained mentally stable, professional and decent.

“Despite all the riches that have come his way, he never lost sight of his job, scoring runs for his country. This is easier said than done. Remember Vinod Kambli, Tendulkar’s fellow schoolboy prodigy, who went off the rails within a few years, never to be seen again. Remember Brian Lara, who was forever riding an emotional rollercoaster. There were times when Lara fell out of love with cricket but that was never the case with Tendulkar. He remained true to his quest for perfection and there were times when he got awfully close.”

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