CHURUMURI POLL: Have politicians killed Army?

The arrest of Lt. Col. Shrikant Purohit by the Anti-Terrorist Squad of the Maharashtra police in connection with his alleged involvement in Malegaon blasts has cast a shadow over the armed forces—the last truly credible, genuinely secular institution in the country.

Although, Purohit is the only serving officer in an army of over a million to be formally arrested, the prospects of ideologically brainwashed soldiers taking matters into their hands out of “frustration” at governmental inaction (as the BJP likes to view this development) portends ill.

On the other hand, an equally strong view is that Purohit’s “guilt” has yet to be proved in a court of law and that the armed forces have become convenient scapegoats in the Congress-led UPA government’s scheme of things to appear “tough on terror” to keep the media mob at bay.

Could Purohit’s alleged involvement have been handled better so as to limit the damage? Has the Army’s image taken a severe knocking at the hands of politicians? Is nothing sacred any longer?

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