Rotten apples in the name of the good lord

Manish Tiwari, the Congress spokesman, on the arrest of Hindu sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur and her accomplices, the involvement of the Hindu right wing organisation Abhinav Bharat, and the rumours of the possible arrest of BJP MP Yogi Adityanath, in connection with the recent bomb blasts in Malegaon:

“Earlier it used to be ‘Muh mein Ram Ram, bagal mein churi’.

“Now it is, ‘Muh mein Ram Ram, bagal mein bomb’.”


B.G. VERGHESE writes in Deccan Herald:

“What is surprising, however, is the response of the spokesmen of the Parivar. They disown any association with sadhvi Pragya and other civil suspects held for the Malegaon bombing. Yet they take the line that Hindus cannot be terrorists and that the armed forces are a part of Indian society which has been horrified by the pusillanimous and apologetic approach of the UPA government to terror attacks and cannot therefore be blamed for patriotic reactions.

“This apologia comes close to showing sympathy for and indirectly condoning what is undoubtedly a grave dereliction of duty and rank indiscipline. It echoes the chorus from across the border in praise of “freedom fighters” as opposed to terrorists, “our” boys versus the dreadful “other”. Such pernicious double talk is scarcely in keeping with the Parivar’s insistent demand for “strong” action against terror.”

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