Popularity=No. of people you can inconvenience?

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: The Ace Political Expert (APE) had blisters all over his feet as he had to walk more than 6 km last Monday after waiting for around four hours to catch a BMTC bus.

When I met him in his house, he had his feet in a tub of hot water and salt.

“What went wrong on Manic Monday? Didn’t you anticipate this kind of a thing?” I asked.

“Everything that could go wrong went wrong that day. It was foolish to have organized such a rally on a Monday morning in the heart of the city,” said APE.

“But H.D. Kumaraswamy says he had already informed the police chief Shankar Bidri and taken his permission.”

“Yes. That was the second mistake. Only infantile minds would want to do a rally in the centre of the city on the first week of the week and an equally similar mind would give the approval. The father-son duo should have anticipated this and taken some precautionary steps,” said the APE applying hot sponge to the blisters.

“Like what?”

“They could have asked the head masters/ head mistresses of schools to declare a holiday so that the future citizens, if they survive similar rallies in the future, could stay home and watch / play cricket when the coronation of the son goes on… Similarly, they could have warned prospective critical patients to call for ambulances and got admitted to hospitals previous night itself, instead of disturbing the rally.”

I was surprised by what he said but kept quiet as I felt previous day’s trauma might have affected the contents of his cortex.

“Very true. Precaution should have been the watchword of at least, patients.”

“Likewise, they could have asked those catching flights to go the airport the previous night itself and sleep there. There is enough place for half of Bangalore to sleep there. As far as IT/bitty is concerned the less said, the better.”

“Say something.”

“They are a pampered lot. They might be a Rs 60,000 crore industry, but do they ever care to understand the problems of the common man that the rally was trying to address? When they are earning so much couldn’t they have declared holiday on the day of the rally? That is the least they could have done to strengthen democracy in India.”

“What did JD(S) achieve by this rally?”

“It proved a great success and I won’t be surprised if they hold bigger rallies by getting everybody in Karnataka to come Bangalore the next time. It will be something like the crowds they had for ‘Quit India’ Movement held in Gowalia Tank Mumbai in 1942,” replied the APE.

As I took his leave, I thought, if they both announced a ‘Quit Karnataka’ Movement, the whole of Bangalore  will pour in to the street creating the mother of all gridlocks and traffic jams….